Sunday, March 1, 2015

We are Getting This Piece of Land for the Children Use: Help Us to BUILD.

The photograph herewith shows a piece of land we aspire to purchase to build school for rural children, especially for vulnerable children in the community.

Help us build. Help us with school supplies. Help make the children's dream come true.

To support us, kindly contact us via

Every child can learn, every child deserves a chance. #BuildASchool

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Opemipo Wishes to Go Back To School.

9 years  old Opemipo stopped attending school last year when her guardian could not pay her accumulated school fees of N16,500. While other children go to school every weekdays, Opemipo stays at home, playing with her sister, who is an out-of-school girl, also! 

In rural community, there is a growing statistics of out of school children, due to lack of government-owned schools which are usually free and very affordable. From our observation and interaction with school proprietresses, private school owners, parents in the community, we realised that children who 'struggle' to attend private schools in the community tend to drop out of these schools after some few academic term and either move on to another school to continue the cycle or stay completely out of school. This is due to lack of funding to meet up with  accumulating school bills. 

Opemipo and her 2siblings are examples of such children who had to drop out of private schools after some terms due to accumulated school bills which their guardian cannot afford, anymore. 

Opemipo wishes to go back to school so she could register for her examinations in preparation for high school next year. 

Opemipo needs a Sponsor, so does her sister! To meet with Opemipo and sponsor her? Kindly send a mail to

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Out of School Children: Call for Support

Out of School Children of Primary School Age, Especially the Most Vulnerable Remain a High Priority for Us. The Photographs Herewith Show Some of the Children We Met During Our #StreetWalk in A Rural Area, This Morning. To Sponsor A Child Back to School? Please Send A Mail to 

#letChildrenLearn. Education is Key.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Donation of 400 Copies of Motivational Books to High School Students.

#SchoolVisit...Today, We Distributed Hundreds of Books to High School Students of Oshodi Senior Comprehensive High School. Our aim is to Motivate Them to Study Harder and Be The Best They Could Ever Be. 

Book Title: 10 Laws of Academic Excellence 
Tolulope Ahmed. 


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Do You Sponsor Muslim Children?

#‎Glory‬! #‎ThisInspiresUs2DoMore‬.

We remember meeting Taofeek 's widowed mum some 2-3 years back. She's heard about our Sponsorship programs and would want us to assist two of her out-of-high-school children back to school. They needed to write the West African Senior School Certificate Examination. She pleaded passionately..

Atlas, we registered the 2 children separately for the 2012/13 WASSCE and 2013 GCExamination. Thereafter, Mama sponsored them to register for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination -UTME. Then, we lost touch for some 8months.

This afternoon, mama called in to inform us that her two boys have successfully gained admission to study Science and Engineering-related courses at the Polytechnic. She was happy, thankful to all...

Interestingly, we do remember one of mama's initial questions...."Do you sponsor Muslim students?

"....Every child deserves a chance, regardless.." *winks*