Monday, April 14, 2014

Grade A Position.

For the first time after attending school for some two years, Basit Kamoru, one of our sponsored children could have grade A position in his class! This is a great improvement compared to when he started school and could not read the alphabets correctly nor write the numbers at 10 years old. But, now, he could  read and write, too! 

Now, that's d spirit! For every child can learn. We are inspired and motivated to reach out to more Basits and children out there who needs our support!

Please, donate to our cause. Let's reach out to more young people. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Every Child Can Learn..

Next Program on our radar to do with the mothers of the kids in this video and some more vulnerable women. #Women #Women #Women. 

12 kids, but one seems to get the cutest you know? I think no 12 does!!! 

Thanks to every Child Sponsor...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

There is still hope...for our education system.

For some days now, the girls we mentor in rural areas have been writing their examinations. Wishing them...Great Success!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mentors Bond So Well With Their Mentee

It was her first time. Her first time to be on video call, chatting so excitedly with her mentor who is in faraway, Denmark while she lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

Praise, as she is fondly called is an High School student in one of the target rural schools where Street2School Initiative coordinates a 6-month mentoring program tagged PROJECT25 for girls in rural high schools. And, for the past four months, some 25 High School Girls in rural communities have been paired with 25Mentors across the globe. Young girls, who despite the challenges they face each day to staying in school still have some great future ambitions. They want to be accountant, medical personnels, bankers etc.

As an organization, our sole aim is to support the education programs of disadvantaged young people, especially the girl child. And, aside education sponsorship programs, we coordinate an annual youth mentoring scheme and empowerment schemes for vulnerable women and mothers of children whom we sponsor..

Today, Praise like other girls have been paired with amazing individuals who have volunteered to mentor, direct and be a 'BIG' Sister. They have bonded so well with their mentors through a scheduled weekly e-mentoring at our Resource Centre.

As the Women History Month ends, our shout out goes to every BIG sister we have got ourselves! Thank you for sharing, caring and volunteering. Thank you for being our Mentor.

....Mentor A Child, Touch A Life. ♥ ♥

Monday, March 31, 2014

Career Day: Be the INSPIRATION

The 27th day of March, 2014 presented another opportunity for the Founder and Executive Director of Street to School Initiative -Tosin Taiwo (Olowoyeye Oluwatosin) to discuss with over one hundred students of Mbari Mbayo High School, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria. It was their Career Day, and an exciting moment for Tosin to motivate young people by sharing her story of how far she has excelled in her chosen field, especially now that she just returned from the United States of America after a 3 week long International Visitor Leadership Program- IVLP. During this IVLP program, Tosin met with many terrific women leaders across the nation, from Washington D.C to Virginia, to New York to Little Rock, Arkansas, to Denver, Colorado and to San Diego, California. It was such a mind blowing experience!

As a child, Tosin never had a clear picture of what profession to embrace, however she gets inspired whenever she sees photograph of successful women leaders in pages of daily newspaper in Nigeria. Eventually, picking up newspaper to check out for photographs of successful women leaders became an habit. She loves picking up the daily newspaper. This motivates her than any other thing and with great hope she would look forward to a day when she would be featured in the pages of the newspaper as a woman leader!.

Today, Tosin has not just been featured severally in the Nigerian Newspapers, but also in a foreign newspaper, upon her visit to Denver, Colorado. She was featured in the UTSanDiego

Friday, March 21, 2014

Child Education Sponsorship...yet another child!

...The attached photograph shows our most recently sponsored child -Abiodun. He truly feels so excited to be back in school after some good months at home. He got a SPONSOR! Thanks to Mr. Gbire...!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

International Visitor Leadership Professional

For some three weeks now, the Founder and Executive Director of Street To School Initiative Tosin Taiwo (olowoyeye Oluwatosin), has been in the United States for a professional exchange program (IVLP) to understand and learn more on The Role of NGOs in promoting Global Women Issues. This photograph shows Oluwatosin with other inspiring women leaders from 16 nations. Tosin represents Nigeria. #IVLP Tagged: the Role of NGOs in promoting Global Women Issues...