Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inquiry: Do You Know?

Do you know of any out of school child(ren) in your neighbourhood that you'd be willing to sponsor to school, but do not want to get involved directly? Do send us an email at and we would do all of the logistics and make the visitations for you FREE. Just ensuring that every child enjoys the right to education.

Already, we got an invite from Banana Island to meet with some out-of-school children in surrounding environment. We are visiting, today!! #Passion #Education4All #Street2school

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Meeting with the Children.. Bose, amongst her peers in school. Remember the little girl who lives with a partially deaf mum. Bose helps her mum so much by doing lot of sign language to communicate to her when someone calls. she is 5years+‪#‎SheGotASponsor‬ ‪#‎OutOfSchoolChildren‬‪#‎Back2SchoolDiary‬ ‪#‎Bose‬ is first girl by your Right.

Herewith below is another child (Mayowa), she could not make it to school due to ill health. Our bestest wishes, girl. #SheNeedsASponsor.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Study Abroad Program.

On January 31st, Street to School Initiative in partnership with a sister organisation, RSN Educational Services, would be organising a one day education symposium, featuring a Guest ​Speaker from Finland who would be discussing AVAILABLE scholarship opportunities for students who wish to study in the UK, USA, Finland, The Netherlands, and other eastern European countries. 

Gate Fee is N1,500 per participant, at the City Hall, CMS, Lagos Island. There are only 100 Available Seats. Generated fund would be used to support education programs of more out of school children on the streets.  

Please, find attached flyer for further details. Kindly share with your friends, neighbour. Target audience, present SSS 3 students, Postgraduate students, undergraduates, parents, school counsellors etc.
See you on 31st of January, 2015


Friday, January 16, 2015

Request For Sponsorship: Overwhelming.

Most times I just wish we have all of the fund to support the education programs of disadvantaged young people without having to 'knock at people's door' for donations. This month, January has been overwhelming with varying requests from parents, students, school proprietresses. 


Yesterday, an undergraduate in one of the Polytechnics sent in a message on how he is considering dropping out of school after ND 1 cos his single parent cannot afford the school bill...etc. A lady also visited, stating why she is forfeiting her admission and would be waiting until next year 2016. And, then this mail....below again...from another student.????

"How is the family aunty? Hope everyone is fine. Glory be to almighty God. Please aunty, I need your help. I want to obtain JAMB form. I don't have money on me. I have been thinking and crying all day. I can't concentrate fully on my studies. The form cost Five Thousand Naira (#5,000). Please aunty, anything you can do to help me. I pray that God almighty will bless you abundantly. Your joy and happiness shall the Lord multiply. Nothing and no shall hinder your joy. The Lord shall hearken unto your voice. You shall forever be celebrated. The Lord shall be your fortress and your refuge . The angels of the Lord shall protect you and everyone related to you. I pray that God almighty who never sleep nor slumber shall forever be with you. May you have the course to glory the name of God. May the Lord God almighty bless you in all ramification. The Lord almighty shall grant to you whatsoever your heart desires. God bless you abundantly aunty. "

Indeed, we have had more requests than funding, received. I just believe in miracle...young people need support. #TosinWrites. #NotHappy #WeNeedAchange #WeNeedSupportPlease

Friday, January 9, 2015

This Minute Thanks!

This afternoon, I want to use this minute to appreciate everyone of you who has been supportive of our cause- @[53652683721:Street To School Initiative]. Thank you for volunteering to mentor high school girls. Thank you for showing up at our programs, facilitating as Guest Speakers. Thank you for supporting the education programs of disadvantaged children. Thank you for volunteering to teach rural children. Thank you for sponsoring young people to register for the GCE/JAMB/WAEC examinations,  annually. Thank you for your donations in cash and in kind. Thank you for pulling resources together with us to empower mothers of sponsored children, etc. Thank you for your suggestions, emails, text messages, phone calls, thoughtfulness. Thank you for believing in our cause. Thank YOU (yes, you) for everything. We wouldn't have asked for better friends. You have been amazing. Absolutely. *winks*smiles*

This post is dedicated to all of you our friends. Thank you for all you do.God Bless your hearts richly. #yourSupportCounts #thankYou #veryMuch. ThankGod.; @olowotee